The Body-Con Bandage Dress: So Last Season??

February 03, 2013

There is word on the fashion grapevine that the body-con dress is so last season and needs to return back to 2007. If this is the case, I'm screwed! I cannot even count the amount of dresses I have in this style but I'd  say at least 10 at a guess.  In my mind Herve Leger is the brand to  blame for the 'bandage dress' phenomena and for women all over the world owning a version of it. 

I understand why  the industry may have grown tired of this look and  feel it to be a bit  dated, but anything that acts like a wonder bra for my entire body is not moving out of my wardrobe any time soon!
There are so many dresses I would love to wear that just do nothing for my shape. The Kate Moss's and Nicole Richie's of this world can rock the t-shirt and tunic dresses, mainly because they are so skinny and have tiny legs but I can't. 
I generally tend to look like I'm wearing a potato sack any time I attempt to wear a dress that is loose or shapeless which is why I am more of a 'nipped in at the waist' kinda girl.

Yes, the bandage dress may have been over done and over worn but with the right accessories, blazer or jacket and worn age-appropriately, they can still look good. Maybe I can't get away  with wearing the really short tight versions any more  but I will always invest in a dress that bandages me up, accentuates my curves and holds in my sins. 

The whole body-con theme has also moved on and evolved with designers like Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham incorporating them to their latest collections that matches both  their styles and customers.

It's fair to say that  every Harry, Dick and TOWIE star has been seen and photographed in these dresses but as they evolve into  different styles, lengths and designs, they are also becoming much more versatile. I'm one for sticking to things that suit me and make me feel good, but also get that you need to update the look with what you can and throw out the rest!
I just can't bring myself to throw out any from my collection as I have so many good memories from them but i know some of them will have to go at some point.  
What do you think about the body-con dress? Is it out? Is it dated? Will it be making a come back?

My Body-Cons and me 

The Body-Con dress : A new generation 

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  1. Love the Herve Leger Bandage gown - très chic! I think you can still wear tight, fitted dresses that accentuate your shape without being "bandage" eg. Stella's AW11 collection

    Definitely think the TOWIE girls (and Daily Mail in general) has put me off ever trying this trend. De x

    1. Haha, see your point. I just had a look at the Daily mail and practically every celeb has one on - most of them Towie stars wearing them badly this is bound to put anyone off! x


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