Hangover Sunday: What to wear

February 17, 2013

Happy Hangover Sunday! If you managed to make it out of your front door today, you'll probably be the same as I was this morning trying to pass for looking half decent when you're worse for wear. The sun made its scarce appearance today so I had to make the most of it by going on a lovely Sunday pub lunch. 
The one life saver accessory for any hangover outfit has to be SUNGLASSES. This is the only way I could go out for a sociable 'meet up' as no amount of make up can hide dark circles and tired eyes! Sunglasses hide a million sins and are an absolute necessity for me. I'd also say stretchy pants or leggings are a must (especially when off to a pub lunch) to be comfortable and leave room for erm... hangover food. Finally after wearing heels all night , there's nothing as lovely as flat comfy shoes ( in my case my KG boots ) to give your achy feet a well deserved break! Hope you had a good one ;-) x  

What I wore: 

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