Wanted: Louboutin Pigalle alternatives

January 29, 2013

I have been unlucky in love for too long.... with a pair of shoes that won't love me back. The Christian Louboutin Pigalle's  have been on my wish list for literally 100 years and I am yet to own a pair.
 I love the shape of these shoes; they are so chic, so sexy, so feminine, so well cut and made to go with everything in your wardrobe from a pair of jeans to a ball gown.  
I have nearly purchased these shoes on three occasions in Selfridges, Harrods and on Bond street with no luck.
On each occasion, I'd psyched my self up, did my research, saved up my money and spent a long time trying on different sizes and versions of them without actually making the purchase (boy did all the shop assistants lovvve me!).
I have now come to terms with the fact that the Pigalle shoe does not fit me! 

First of all, when I tried them on in my size, they were way too big and left a huge gap at the back of my heel which is a major pet peeve of mine. 
The next size down fit me (just)  but I don't think you'll class it a 'fit'  when you can barely walk two steps in it. 
I'm sorry but I refuse to buy a pair of  expensive shoes I've wanted for ages to sit in my wardrobe because they are too painful to walk in. I know they are not going to be the most comfortable anyway but there's a difference between pain and crippling your feet.
I know a few people that  have them and find them ok to at least  wear out to dinner (or any kind of evening that consists of a lot of sitting down) but I'm not prepared to take the risk so I've come up with another plan... finding the alternative Pigalle!
As much as I love the Louboutin collections year after year, my obsession with the Pigalle is actually the cut and shape of them. 
As I researched, it seems like there are a lot of other shoe designers doing their own version (not copy) of pumps that have a similar shape to the Pigalle.
 I am now on a mission to find a pair that fit me and I don't care where I need to order them from, how much they cost (within reason) or how long it takes but I need a pair desperately.  Just look at how many options there are already after a bit of digging around. I will report back when I find my true love! Wish me luck xx 

Then there was  .....

Casadei's  Blade pumps 
- From £350 - £600

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