The best of 2012 : What I wore

January 19, 2013

I know we're well into the new year but I just wanted to do a quick blog post about my favourite outfits of 2012. I feel like I'm at a stage where I'm comfortable with my style, having embraced my curves and body shape and knowing what I like and don't like.  I wear things that suit me as opposed to what's on trend ( for example me in neon jeans.... no no no) but still like to experiment as fashion is always about evolving. I would be very interested in working with a stylist and being dressed by someone else just to see if they would put me in anything different to what I normally wear. My biggest style flaw is that I'm relatively safe and don't like wearing things that are too bold and out there though I really admire people that can. Have to say though that now I've had my hair chopped off I am feeling the need to experiment and explore so lets see how I put things together in 2013....or however long I stick with it 

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