Award Season 2013: What would I wear?

January 06, 2013

Award season will be soon be upon us and just like everyone else, I'm super excited! It's fair to say that the fashion and glamour is what people talk about equally, if not more than the award shows themselves. We all like to be the judge and jury of the celebrities, acting like the fashion police and giving our critique on the best and worst dressed. I used to practice my acceptance speech for my Grammy or Brit award and of course dream about what I would wear... even more than I did for my wedding!
I've selected a few key award ceremonies and picked out what I would wear for each of them. Even though you should make an effort for any award event, I think that some celebs get it wrong when they're either over dressed, under dressed or..  just hired the wrong stylist!
I had a look through some of the SS13 collections from fashion week, and picked out some stand-out pieces I would wear if I was walking the red carpet. As you can see, I have just stuck my head on a few tall whispy skinny models but I did actually think of my body shape, style and skin tone when I chose them. It is vital during award season to enhance your best features and assets while hiding the not so perfect ones... very well! All eyes are on you from these events and photographs taken on the day will be the ones circulated for ETERNITY, so you have to get it right. Here is my run down of what I would wear. 
The Golden Globes are the grand opening act for award season. I don't know why but I always see bright colours for this one because even though it's not quite spring it feels like the perfect time to come out bright and bold after the winter months, especially in sunny LA. Walking the red carpet in a bright coloured gown that suits your skin tone and enhances your eyes is definitely a way to stand out. My favourite two dresses for this event is the beautiful green Grecian style Carlos Miele dress and gorgeous blood red Zac Posen  piece from both their SS13 collections. For me the Golden Globes is definitely the place to wear the big grand ball gown and I wouldn't even try to do anything else because how many times in your life do you get to wear these types of dresses? Even as an A- lister? If I was lucky enough to be going to the Oscars as well, I wouldn't wear my show stopper though. I would choose the dress that came close second when picking out the Oscar dress as I'd much prefer to be on the best dressed list for the Oscars than for the Golden Globes. 

For me, the Grammys are the much more fun, edgy and contemporary event even though they are the Oscars for musicians. This is an occasion where rock stars meet pop princesses and music icons share the red-carpet with breaking artists. I feel like the Grammys is a playground where you can pretty much wear what you want ( as long as it looks hot!) Anything from a ball gown to a play suit to a mini dress is fine as long as it's an uber special piece that makes you look incredible! Gold and glitter comes to mind when I think of the Grammys, and I always see sequins and metallics where if worn right, can look outstanding.  Musicians have a lot more of an eccentric style ( Lady Ga Ga need I say more) than actors. Their image is much more important to their brand than movie stars as actors need to be  more like chameleons to play different characters.You can take risks and be bold at the Grammys, even wear something unusual as long as it plays to your body's strengths and is true to your personal style (Nikki Minaj take note). I like all the pieces I've picked for this one, but the Sass& Bide shorts and blazer combo really stands out for me. It's edgy, it's fun, it's feminine and androgynous at the same time and it's understated.You don't need to buy a £10,000 dress to make an impression and the white on dark skin on red carpet can be striking.. if done right.

 Baftas always seem a bit more high brow than the Oscars and Golden Globes for me. It's like the New York Broadway of the LA Hollywood and though  all award ceremonies are grand and elegant, I see the Baftas as the more sophisticated event. I envision lace, light sheer and silk fabrics and an ultimate feminine look. I don't feel that you need to wear a large ball gown though it would still work, and I would again go for a beautifully made understated piece. My choice for Baftas would definitely be the breath taking Oscar De La Renta fusia pink skirt and lace top. I know it's not a dress but the colour and the lace just make it so striking, you would clearly stand-out. I personally wouldn't choose to wear a trouser suit or trouser ensemble for the Baftas, Oscars or Golden Globes but I do think a skirt and top collaboration could work great like it does in this instance. Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone else would be doing a dress so if you wear a skirt and top and look amazing in it, you're more likely to be picked out and written about for wearing something a bit different, elegant and chic.

The Brit Awards  is for sure the uber 'too cool for schools' event of the bunch. My main concern with this one  would be looking on-trend and modern, and being... well cool! Wearing a huge ball gown would be too much I think, and I would prefer to look more fashion forward than super glam for this occasion. The Brits also remind me of the British weather; rain, cold, wind and as it's held in February winter, I see dark colours, leather and faux fur, perhaps brightened up with some sequins and glitter. My favourite pieces from the four above are the YSL and Sass & Bide looks. They both have a glamorous rock chick element to them which would make you stand out as well as look on trend. I could imagine someone like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung or Emeli Sande rocking these looks and I see The Brits having a much more laid back dress code than all the others. I also think it's another occasion you can take risks and experiment as long as you make it work!

Well this is it.. the Oscars.. the event of all events and the Grand-Papi of  all awards . If I had the privilege of going to the Oscars, I would pull out all the stops. With this said I would also play it safe. Controversial statement perhaps, but in my opinion this is no event to try out something new, get a new stylist or attempt to make your own and do a DIY job. This is the mother of all awards where taking a risk or trying to be edgy is not the time or place. The Oscars is about looking the best you've ever looked; immaculate, groomed, classy, well styled, everything in the right place and frankly, breath taking. If you're an out of work actor who's been lucky enough to be invited, this is the time to look the dogs bollocks! This is the event where every big producer, director and casting agent will attend, so looking amazing is non-negotiable.

Although I'd play it safe, I'd still want to make an impression and be remembered. All these Oscar dresses I've picked are amazing in their own way but the winner would have to be the red Elie Saab dress. What's not to love? The colour, the neckline, the rose petal sequins, the way it nips in at the waist and the flattering feminine shape. Elie Saab, hands down is the best designer when it comes to getting that 'Oscar' dress. He is a genius and totally gets it when it comes to knowing how to play with colour and feminine fabrics. I found it hard to choose from his SS13 collection and could only narrow it down by picking the ones more suitable for my non supermodel body. 
The Oscar dress is the piece de resistance and what you wear is as important as getting an award if nominated. This again is no time to be rocking up in a trouser suit, a swan dress, or a Herve Leger bodycon number! No No No keep it classy.

I will certainly be watching all the awards to see if any of the pieces I picked out make it to the red carpet and doing my own Joan Rivers impression in the comfort of my home. 
Enjoy peops xx

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  1. I think you would look so good in any of this dresses =)


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