The Summer to Winter Style switch

January 17, 2013

If you are freezing your ass off like me, then you're probably layering up like a mo fo and forgotten what your silhouette looks like about survival of the warmest!
 I don't know about you but packing away my summer clothes is painful! It's like you know the cold dark nights are coming and the Havanas need to be stored away till next summer!
Sometimes however, I just can't seem to let all my summer stuff go and just have to do my utmost to make them work for Winter . Take this lovely polka dot dress I got last summer from Forever 21.. I love it! I had only managed to wear it a couple of times before it got cold and wanted to wear it again. I also love the navy blazer combination ( my good old trusted H&M number)  and what I love about the black and white polka dot is that it's totally wearable all seasons so I just needed to make it winter friendly with:
Thick black tights: If it's really cold I sometimes wear two pairs of tights! Yes two, but it actually  really does the trick and keeps your legs warm
Shoe Boots : The shoe boots totally  replace the wedges - on trend and keep your feet warm
Socks: This is to stop my feet rubbing against the tights as well as acting as an extra layer in this kind of -3 temperature nonsense!
In your face winter... I still got to wear my pretty little dress.

Navy Blazer with polkadot dress

The summer look
 Yup exact same outfit ( making it work for winter)
Blazer -H&M
Dress - Forever 21
Shoe Boots- Kurt Geiger

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