Is Celery Juice Good For You? Health Benefits after 100 days

February 26, 2021

Celery Juice Benefits

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be downing up to 32oz celery juice every day. Every morning, without fail, I juice or blend, and 100 days in, it's now part of my daily regime. I know this has been a huge trend over the years, but it wasn’t until it was recommended to me on a Reiki course, that I took note. It was at this course that I heard about the ‘Medical Medium’, Anthony William, the originator of the global celery juice movement, and New York Times best selling author.  If this was something I had seen as the new celebrity endorsed fad on social media, I probably wouldn’t have tried it but because it was recommended by a source I intuitively trusted, I thought I’d give it a try.

I get that the celery juice movement might not be for everyone but I can honestly say, it’s changed my life. I have more energy, in a much better mood and more focused than I’ve ever been. As it has done wonders for me, I thought it was only right to share my story.

What is Celery Juice?

Celery Juice is made by blending and straining celery stalks. Its healing properties was discovered by Anthony William, AKA ‘The Medical Medium,’ who has been promoting benefits of this natural health herb for decades. Through word-of-mouth marketing, miraculous success stories and celebrity endorsements, the celery juice movement was born.

 What are the benefits of Celery Juice?

 According to Anthony, there are multiple benefits of drinking celery juice, particularly with those suffering from chronic untreatable illnesses. Millions of fans globally have testified that drinking this juice everyday has relieved symptoms (sometimes even cured) the likes of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Acne, inflammation, and weight loss.

 How much Celery juice should I drink?

As recommended, I’ve been drinking a minimum of 16oz of celery juice a day, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This allows all the nutrients and medicinal properties to go straight down to the liver and other organs in its purest, most concentrated form. It’s also recommended not to eat or drink anything for 15-30 minutes after taking the juice. Though 16oz is the minimum recommended daily amount, you can go up to 32oz a day to speed up the healing process (16oz fin the morning 16oz in the evening) I’ve been trying to do 32oz as much as I can, but for the last 100 days, I’ve been doing 16oz, every morning, on an empty stomach. It would be easier to make a batch of juice and drink it daily but the best version you can drink is freshly made every day. Before I drink my celery juice, I also do 16oz of hot lemon water every day to detoxify and cleanse.

Is Celery Juice Good for you? 

Celery Juice Benefits

100 days is a good start but I would think that 6-8 months will be the time I really feel the benefits of this new regime. Having said that, I’ve already noticed huge changes already. The changes I’m going to list come from my personal experience so far. It may not resonate with everyone, but I can only be open and honest with what I’ve noticed so far. The other caveat is that I haven’t massively changed my eating habits. I’ve been pescatarian for nearly two years, as plant focused as I can be and cutting back on gluten and alcohol. But, I’m still addicted to sugar, chocolate and caffeine and the only real exercise I’ve been doing during lockdown is daily yoga and a walk three times a week. If I were to be on a stricter diet and worked out even more, I’m sure I’d notice an even bigger difference. So what has drinking celery juice every day done for me.

 It’s an appetite suppressant.

When I tell you that this juice is an appetite suppressant, I’m not over exaggerating. A month into drinking 16oz daily, I’m not hungry till around midday, sometimes even 2pm. I wake up anytime between 7:30 and 9am depending on my schedule, and I usually have my celery juice between 9am and 10 am. My stomach sometimes grumbles when I wake up first thing but as soon as I drink my 16oz of fresh celery juice, the hunger is gone. Since bubbling with my parents during the lockdown, I’ve also got them on the juice daily, and they’ve said exactly the same thing. Not sure how it works but for me, celery juice is one hell of an appetite suppressant.

It’s an energy booster.

For a long time, I suffered from sluggish, tired and bleh energy, particularly in the Winter. I diagnosed my self as not being a ‘morning person’ and suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but since I’ve been on the juice, my energy is at least 60% better. I’m still grouchy in the morning but I find myself way more pumped, focused, and ready to start the day than I used to. I’m also sleeping so much better which allows me to run for longer in the day.

It’s a mood booster.

During lockdown 3.0, I’ve been in a much better mood than the last two. A huge part of it has been bubbling with my parents this time round (I live alone), but I also believe celery juice has played a part. As much as I love my parents, I’m easily irritated and annoyed but this time round, I’ve been far more zen. I have a positive outlook on life, I’m less irritable and I find myself having more patience and compassion when I’m in a combative conversation. Again, I’m not entirely sure how it works but according to Anthony Williams “Drinking celery juice is like allowing a breath of fresh air to enter your consciousness. It’s a cleaning agent that enters the brain tissue that’s been saturated for years by toxic heavy metal build up. Celery juice’s power in restoring mental health comes from its sodium cluster salts which revitalises and cleans inside the brain”. I definitely feel more upbeat and revitalised since I’ve been drinking it.

 It helps with weight loss.

 Aside from being an appetite suppressant, drinking celery juice has also been good for cleaning out my colon and my gut. I can’t say I’ve lost tons of weight in the last 3 months, but that’s because I’ve not exactly been eating well or training hard. I will say that my body has changed since I’ve been drinking celery juice and doing daily yoga. I am also less bloated and my bowel movements are more regular, which have all contributed to nearly getting my flat stomach back. Considering I’m barely moving around or exercising (and still scoffing all the chocolate, biscuits and packets of crisps in sight), I think the results are good! As soon as I’m back in London and back to training and eating better, I feel like this will continue to improve. 

Celery Juice Weight Loss

It reduces/eliminates brain fog.

I cannot tell you how much more focused and mentally clear I’ve been feeling lately. Being in lockdown for the best part of a year has given us all Covid fatigue. Not knowing what day or time it is, let alone figuring out what your life purpose is. Brain fog is a daily struggle. I know I’m going to sound like an infomercial, but I tell no lies. Since doing the daily celery juice thing, my brain feels less foggy. I have more clarity, I’m doing projects that I’d previously been procrastinating over for months and I’m pumped! I’ve also been less anxious than normal but that could be down to being in hibernation and not having to face the world. We’ll have to see how that changes when things open up again.

After 100 days, I’m noticing a lot of positive changes. Is Celery juice going to cure all your chronic illnesses overnight? No. Will drinking it cancel out all your bad eating habits? Hell no! Will it miraculously turn your life round if you’re not ready to change your lifestyle? Again, no. I believe I’m feeling better due to a combination of daily yoga, hot lemon water, celery juice, meditation, and vitamin supplements. I’ve also cut out meat and cut down on gluten and eggs, but still have a long way to go. Unless you really hate the taste of it (which I understand some people do), you literally have nothing to lose by trying it out. It’s cheap, easy to make once you have a blender or juicer, and easy to fit into a busy schedule. I will do an update after 6 months to see where I am with this. I can’t see me not drinking it on the daily so the good thing about all of this is that I’ve picked up a good positive habit. 

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