Review: David Mach Out Of Order Sculpture

February 28, 2021

David Mach Out of Order Sculpture

If you’re into art installations, I would highly recommend seeing the Out of Order sculpture, a work of art by Scottish artist David Mach. The red phone box is an iconic UK symbol so this fun interpretation of 12 phone boxes toppled over like dominoes, is epic.

My friend and I decided to visit when we were in the area to see it for ourselves, to enjoy a photo friendly landscape. Located on old London road in Kingston Upon Thames, this landmark was originally installed in 1989, and refurbished in 2019 to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

David Mach Out of Order Sculpture

Considering there are only around 7000 of the original red phone boxes left in the UK, this modern art sculpture has become a tourist (not to mention instagrammable) favourite. David Mach, one of the UK’s most successful artist, is known for his large-scale installations and the idea behind this piece was to celebrate the quintessentially British icons, before they become extinct. I remember life before mobile phones when the red phone box was your only window to communicate with friends and have privacy. Nowadays, going into a one would scare me as most of them are filthy and unkept when once upon a time, they were my lifeline.

David Mach Out of Order Sculpture

David Mach Out of Order Sculpture in Kingston

There was no way I was going to visit without a little photo op myself so of course my friend and I did a mini shoot. Funnily enough, we both rocked up in matching polka dot ensembles, mine a cute cowl neck jumpsuit with a wide leg from ASOS. Against this back drop, I think polka dot really works. I’m glad I got to do fun things like this last summer when lockdown was lifted. Praying for lots more staycation sightseeing as soon as this is over.  

If you’re ever in the area, David Mach’s ‘Out of Order’ piece is worth a visit.  There’s not much else going on in the area so a 20-30 minute session will be all you need. 

David Mach Out of Order Sculpture

David Mach Out of Order Sculpture

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