It's all about the Lace Maxi Dress

November 07, 2020

Missguided Lilac Lace Maxi DressHere we are again …. lockdown 2.0. How y’all doing? It’s safe to say that lockdown in winter is way worse than in the spring. During the first lockdown I spent most of my time on my balcony, either relaxing, sunbathing or shooting some of my favourite outfits. The idea started after I came back from Sierra Leone with a whole bunch of African pieces I had made out there. Before COVID came along, my plan was to shoot them all around London, showcasing the beautiful African prints against iconic London backdrops (Westminster Bridge, Notting Hill) but thanks to the lockdown, my balcony had to do. Once I shot all the outfits I had made, I moved unto some of my other favourite wardrobe gems which I didn’t get the chance to wear this year. Like this lace maxi dress I found on ASOS from Miss Guided

Lace Maxi DressLilac is one of the colours I don’t have a lot of so I thought this would be a great one to add to my summer maxi dress collection. I love the length, lace fabric and spaghetti straps. Though I like the neckline, it’s a little too low cut for my liking so when I wear it out, I’ll need to layer it with a decent bra or vest. I’ve always done well with Missguided dresses. They are good quality, the styles work for my silhouette, and the pricing is affordable. Now we’re in the middle of winter on lockdown 2.0, the lilac summer dress has gone into storage. Hopefully, when we’re finally out of this, I get to wear it out on the town.
MissGuided Lace Maxi Dress

Lilac Maxi Dress

MissGuided Lilac Lace Maxi Dress

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