Hello vintage floral mini skirt!

November 13, 2020

Floral mini Skirt
Over the years, my relationship with mini skirts has been one of the love/hate kind. As a teenager, they were all I wanted to wear. Hiking up my ugly uniform before school was one of my common tricks, as well as making purchases in Topshop and Miss Selfridge without my mum’s knowledge. I was always torn because though mini skirts were all the rage (and I wanted to be on trend), I wore them reluctantly as I  hated  my thighs and legs. My body shape was different to most of my friends at school because while they dealt with growing into gangly, skinny legs, mine got wider and thicker. As much as I disliked them, I wanted to fit in, so I wore them reluctantly. Fast forward into my 20’s, I pretty much did the same thing. I would wear mini skirts because they were in fashion, but would continuously compare myself to others, feeling insecure and hating my legs even more. Then I went through a whole phase of not wearing them at all. Pencil skirts were finally on the scene so I could cover up my legs, and transition into the more grown-up sophisticated phase. At that point,  I didn’t think there was any place for the mini skirt in my wardrobe. The floral mini skirt a great staple for the summer. 
Floral mini skort
Now, I’m finally at a stage where I don’t care about being ‘on trend’ and just embrace it all. I embrace my body, my body shape, my thick thighs,  my short legs and mini skirts, I wear them when I think it’s appropriate, but I also I wear a length where I can sit and bend comfortably. During the summer months when we had a heatwave streak, my oldie but goodie floral mini skirt came in handy. In fact, this skirt is a skort. It gives the illusion of being a skirt when they are actually a pair of satin shorts in a floral print. 
I bought these nearly three years ago (blogged about here), and they have now become my part of my staple summer wardrobe. This is the first time I paired them with my other old summer top and it works well because both have a layered ruffle style and the colours compliment each other. Can you believe I wore this for a walk in the park? When you’re in lockdown for what feels like an eternity and the sun comes out, damn straight I’m going to make an effort for a walk in the park. 
Floral Mini Skirt

Floral mini skirt

ASOS floral mini skirt

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