It's all about the White Blazer Tuxedo Dress

September 16, 2020

White Blazer Dress

 After hiding away in my wardrobe new and unworn for months, I finally got to wear this gorgeous white blazer dress out of the flat. Because of lockdown, I've had no where special enough to wear it all year until my birthday shindig last weekend. I already have this tuxedo style dress in black , so when I found the same style in white on I Saw It First, I had to get it. Same as when I bought the black version, I went a size up as I wanted it longer.  I find that a lot of blazer dresses tend to look more like a long blazer, which can give the illusion that the bottom half is missing... as in less of a dress and more of a long blazer. This double breasted cut with the pleated hem finish makes the hybrid concept more obvious not to mention more flattering and playful. I also love the pleats on the arms and the gold buttons, which pops out even more with the white version. Now I have a collection of blazers and blazer dresses, I think it's clear what my staple go-to item of clothing is. 

White Tuxedo Blazer Dress

White Blazer Dress

Tuxedo Blazer Dress Close Up

White Tuxedo Blazer Dress from I Saw It First
My blazer dress and I had a fantastic time at my birthday, which ended up being a mini surprise party with 6 of my closest friends. I was told to get dressed up and meet up at Oxford circus thinking I was going to grab a couple of drinks with two of my friends. Turns out they had planned a surprise get-together at a London bar with balloons, banners, cakes and 2 for 1 cocktails. I've been so blessed to have my birthday at a time where lockdown has eased up, and even though we were a small group, I had the best time. 

Birthday Outing

I Saw It First White Blazer Dress

White Blazer Dress

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