It's all about the Blazer Dress

April 01, 2019

How to wear a Blazer Dress

I know what you’re thinking. Can this woman get any worse with her blazer obsession and the answer is YES I CAN.  I’ve been on the hunt for a blazer dress for timeee and it proved difficult because of my body shape. I went through a phase of ordering 10 at time but nothing was quite working for me because most of them looked like I was missing the bottom half of my outfit, or swallowing me up so I look like that kid from the movie BIG …shrinking.  When I came across this black blazer dress from I Saw It First , I had no expectations but when I tried it on, it totally worked! The double-breasted cut with pleated hem detail gives off a good hybrid blazer/dress feel while the flared pleated sleeves add fun and smarten it up. I wanted to go for the midi blazer dress in terms of length, so I ordered a size up to ensure the derriere is fully covered. I wore it out for the first time at my friend’s engagement party and got loads of lovely comments and people asking me “Where Did You Buy That” (I even had to send a couple of links to people so they could buy directly. I Saw It First, y’all owe me some serious commission!)   

Black Blazer dress

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