It's all about the 'Balmain Inspired' Blazer

October 18, 2019

When you realise you own ten blazers and two blazer dresses, it’s probably time to accept that you have a problem. Instead of hiding my blazer obsession, I’m going to embrace and champion it because I truly believe you can never have enough of them. As soon as I throw on a good tailored blazer, my entire outfit is transformed. It is everything you need to smarten up, power dress, finish and upgrade a look in minutes. It helps me feel confident and exude strength, and I wear my blazers like armour.

If I had a spare £2000 lying around I would 100% invest in a Balmain Blazer. I’ve been obsessed with this brand for the longest time and their blazers are on my wish list. There are some decent alternatives on the high street (e.g. Zara) but once I came across the Balmain inspired range from Style of Beyond, I fell in love quick and hard.  When I first bought this Camilla Hopsack blazer from their online store, I was apprehensive and had low expectations. There are so many ‘Balmain inspired’ blazers out there that turn out to be the badly made, cheap looking or a bad copy. When this one arrived in the post, I was pleasantly surprised.  

As long as you understand that ‘Balmain inspired’ is never going to be the real thing, this range from Style of Beyond plays great homage to the iconic blazers and in my opinion, are the best high street version of  ‘Balmain inspired’ on the market. The Camilla Hopsack has a double-breasted pattern with military style buttons and is beautifully cut. I haven’t stopped wearing it and know it’s going to be one of those pieces in my wardrobe that will be rinssssssed! I would say go a size up than your usual size, so you have enough room to move around. Great buy!

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