What to Wear to a Wedding: Marrakech Style

November 01, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend at one of my best friend’s wedding … in Morocco! Not only was it one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to, the Moroccan experience was epic. My friend is British Pakistani and her husband is Luxembourgish, so the wedding was a stunning, bright, colourful melting pot of cultures, and it was just beautiful.
As my friend wore her bridal Lehenga, she told all her girlfriends that they could optionally wear traditional lehenga as well and I jumped at the chance. She took me to the famous Southall Market, which full of clothing stores with beautiful traditional Asian gowns, dresses, fabrics and accessories. As green is my colour, we decided on this stunning beaded green and gold lehenga, which I had to get taken in slightly to fit like a glove.
On the day, there was a big group of us in traditional attire and we felt like princesses. My friend looked absolutely stunning in her hand made rose gold bridal ensemble that when I first saw her, I cried like a baby.The wedding was spectacular. Rich hues, luxe gold and red backdrops in a beautifully lit whimsical venue. It was like were in a movie scene when we first walked in. We partied the night away on the biggest dancefloor I’ve ever seen and I didn’t change my outfit till much later in the evening. My Lehenga got a good wear and great photo ops with the rest of my friends. I will definitely be wearing this again and loved every moment of being in it for a day.

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