When Winter is Coming ...

October 01, 2018

After what has been the best Summer ever, Winter is coming. I find myself needing to layer up and my trusted aviator coat (which has now seen me through two Winters), is out of the wardrobe and back in the game.  Autumnal weather is a little annoying because of its hourly changing temperatures (which is why I tend to wear two coats).  I’ve made the mistake of leaving the house wearing a thin layer jacket because the sun is out, only to come home freezing. Not doing that again. This outfit is all about accepting seasonal change, matching my Winter coat with a pair of ribbed H&M leggings and my PLT patent boots. Underneath lies a vintage jacket I found in the Brighton lanes years ago which I adore! It’s the perfect hybrid of blazer and jacket, offering some seriously flattering padding in the shoulders. Then of course, there’s my sunglasses. If I could give anyone advice on dealing with UK weather, I would say never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses or an umbrella. 

                                          Aviator Coat, Zara, similar here | H&M leggings, similar here| Boots, PLT similar herePorsche Design sunglasses

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