The Favourite Ankara Top

March 28, 2021

Ankara Top

As the clocks FINALLY go forward this weekend, I am beyond excited to bury my Winter coat and clothes for a season while I get ready for Summer. Not only is the phase of sweats and PJs nearly over, I’ll soon be reunited my bra and favourite pair of jeans, as I get back to making some sort of effort to look decent when I leave my front door. 

It will come no surprise to you that this shoot took place over 7 months ago. A girl can’t really collate any decent content when she’s housebound, locked in and been wearing the same tracksuit sets for the last three months.   However, as we are slowly but surely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I thought it  would be to share this look as we transition into the new season.

 I’ve had this Ankara top for years now. It was one of the first African fabrics I chose and had tailor made into a fitted peplum style top. It seems to be one of the key pieces that I’ve worn continuously in the last four years because it fits so well. It’s fair to say that the sweetheart neckline is my go-to look, as it’s the most flattering for my neck and shoulder. I love the Aztec style Ankara print which goes well with anything denim, while the bustier cut and peplum finish hooks me up with a decent waistline, especially when I’ve been overindulgent.

Ankara top styles

When it’s hot like it was on that day, I wore this Ankara top with my trusted pair of denim shorts, which I must have had for nearly a decade now. Unfortunately, this was probably the last time I will get to wear them as they’ve gotten very snug of late. Trainers were on that day as I was just about to go for a walk, but when I wear this look with a pair of jeans, I go for either smart high heeled boots or studded Chelsea boots.

Ankara Top

Ankara Top

Ankara Top

The next time I’m back in Africa be it Sierra Leone or Nigeria, I’ll definitely be replicating this style using Ankara fabric again. I like that a lot of the clothes I wear are one off pieces, and that everything is tailor made. I cannot wait to raid my Summer wardrobe so I can pull out my favourite African designs and get ready for post lockdown season. Bring it on!

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