#OOTY: My Top 2016 outfits

December 31, 2016

When it comes to my 2016 style , I feel like I went through all four seasons this year. The first in a while. I layered up lots in the Winter, got uncomfortably hot in the summer and enjoyed everything in between during spring and autumn. As I work from home now, I've gone very very casual. I'm talking trainers, baggy jeans, biker boots and t-shirts, and I'm loving it :-) Some days I even do PJ's for the whole day and it's a liberating feeling. This also means when I'm going out, I make extra effort so I'm getting a good balance.Has my style changed in the last 12 months? I don't think so. I'm becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin and less bothered about what's on trend or what I should/shouldn't be wearing. I'm buying less clothes believe it or not. My style is pretty solid so I have most of my staple pieces, perhaps adding a couple of new bits here and there. As you can see, my sunglasses have been my hero accessory for the entire year and the best investment I made. I also attended quite a few weddings and awards shows so was pleased to get uber dressed up a few times. 
Style aims for 2017?? I want a few vintage, quirky pieces in my wardrobe. This means lots of visits to my favourite flea markets and vintage stores, as well as rummaging through my mum's closet! :-)

Selfie Queenmoron

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