When Santa buys you an Aviator Coat!

December 28, 2016


Every year, I have a quiet word with Santa. I tell him I've been extremely good  and hand him over my list. This year, I asked him for the  Acne Studio aviator jacket . He told me to do one.  So then I asked for a Zara gift card.  Apparently I'm incredibly hard to shop for so gift vouchers are my default present.  Boxing day came with the hopes of re-stocking my wardrobe with sale items but then I saw it. The jacket I've been cooing over for months but couldn't justify to pay thousands for (aka way over my price range).Well I saw the Zara version of it.  I know I'm 100 seasons late and everyone has it but I don't care. I've joined the bandwagon. So sue me. What's not to love? The perfect cross between smart and casual, winter and spring and as snug as a rug. I like that I don't need to layer up as much on these during these -2 degree nights, and it goes everything in my wardrobe right now.  I can't quite pull off the camel shearing version so the black will do me just fine. No time for outfit posts just yet (in other words, I've eaten my entire body weight and will wait till I shed some pounds first) COMING SOON. Hope you're having a fun in-between Christmas week. :-) 

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