January 01, 2017

2016: The good bits

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it!

I know I sound like a broken record but it's fair to say we’re all happy that year is over! Phew. I’m not going to do a long resolution, reflection post. Just the few simple learnings:

1) Love and appreciate the family and friends in your life and never take them for granted. Life’s too short

2) Nearly everything happens for a reason; if the situation is bad, it’s not forever. It’s sign that you’re on the wrong path and you need to go another direction

3) Work hard pays off. One thing I did in 2016 was got my head down and wurrrrrrrrked. Working 12/14 hour days long term isn't healthy but sometimes, you have to put the hours in. Up till now(fingers crossed), I’ve seen progress so as long as I balance work with play/travel/relaxing, this will continue

4) Prioritise what’s important: And by this I mean; spend more time with family, don’t be complacent with your 5, 10, 20 year friendships/relationships. Spend less time filtering, tweeting and oversharing on social media and actually live your life 

5) All you can do is your best: As long as you're 100% invested and you do the best you can, don't kill yourself.  You can't continue on a path that's never good enough. It's a lose/lose situation. Whether it's work, life, relationships or friendships, know when you need to quit and walk away. That’s all I have. Hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year. Happy 2017! :-) 

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