OOTD: Summer Days

July 02, 2016

My summer wardrobe is hands down more exciting than my winter one. Though we’re not exactly in 30 degree heat,  warmer temperatures makes choosing what to wear more versitale. I don’t own or wear a lot of shorts but these denim staples have served me well ( see other outfit posts of me wearing them here and here) !They are the perfect length and fit as I can’t do hot pants (those days are gone) and longer shorts cut off my legs.This look is all about embracing summer but accepting it’s not ‘heat wave’ weather. I wore my shorts with this cute Zara cami, trusted leather jacket and favourite biker style boots. Sandals and open toes only come out when I know it’s going to be hot (or I’m on holiday), as I much prefer boots, pumps and loafers for summer. I have a lot of fun with hats as they can make a simple outfit pop as well as disguise a bad hair day.

Over 10 years old and my Balenciaga is still going strong. It’s definitely my go-to bag when I’m going down a casual, rock chick route. I’m also obsessed with my investment Porsche Design sunglasses which I invested in earlier this year, as I wanted a pair bigger than my Ray-Bans.They seem to go with everything so I wear them with everything!  If only I can be promised the next couple of months to experiment and enjoy my summer wardrobe. Fingers crossed! What’s your favourite summer look?

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