Review: It's all about the Hydrafacial

July 25, 2016

Being a skincare junkie, I'm always on the look out for a new effective facial. Though there are hundreds of different ones out there, not all facials work for ethnic skin. I also suffer from dryness, sensitivity, black heads and the occasional spots. The main reason I get facials is to reboot my skin. I tend to go very dull and grey (especially in the winter) so need a resurfacing treatment every 3-4 months (to get back my glow).I used to have the microdermabrasion but found it left me red and irritated for a few days before I could see the difference. I often had to get the timing right before a holiday or special event so I didn't show up red faced.
A few days after Hydrafacial 
I have been hearing about the Hydrafacial for years but associated it as a high end 'celebrity' treatment, as it was deemed quite expensive. When I came across limited offer at Harley Street clinic Juvea Aesthetics , I decided to give it a try.The most impressive thing about this facial is that it does many things in one treatment. It cleanses, extracts, exfoliates and hydrates your skin in under an hour pain free. It removes dead skin cells and opens up pores by depositing glycolic and salicylic acid to the skin's surface. During the extraction phase, I could really feel the dirt and impurities being removed, which got rid of the dullness, blackheads and uneven skin tone instantly!If you're someone that has sensitive skin, it's worth giving the Hydrafacial a try as I felt no irritability afterwards.

The only thing now is ... I'm addicted. I was advised that a course of 3 or 6 gave the best results and, that it was to be used as an on-going facial. When I saw the amount of dirt that came from my skin, I could see why. Living in London again has increased the amount of soot and dirt hitting my face on a daily basis so definitely a facial I'll be needing to invest in. I will definitely be having a Hydrafacial again and highly recommend it.

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