It's all about giving up the moisturiser!

June 25, 2016

Skincare routines are an art form. You have to learn what works for you, adapt to your skin as it changes (and ages) and pick out products that react well to it. I've been working out the right formula for years and thought I'd cracked it till I heard about Dr Obagi and ZO. Cleansing I've got down, maintenance, face masks and exfoliating I've cracked, but I'd never seem to get the right balance when it comes to moisturising. For a very long time, I thought I had dry skin. As soon as I showered or washed my face, my skin would feel tight and dry but then when I moisturised, I'd be left with oily greasy patches on my forehead, nose and chin half way through the day. Annoyingly my skin is a combination of dry and oily so I get the worst of both worlds.
Even though he's been in the business for over 40 years, I've only recently come across Dr Obagi and his ZO skincare range. His take on moisturising is that we don't need it. The first time I heard this theory I was sceptical. Then I started researching and reading more. The main philosophy on the no moisturiser rule is that: 

1) It only moisturises skin on the surface 
2) It stops skin from naturally moisturising 
3) Our skin becomes addicted to artificial moisture which is never good 
Dr Obagi says: 

“Skin becomes addicted to moisturiser rather than doing the work itself. Repeated application of moisturiser can lead to “dependency on external sources for moisture. The dependency leads to skin dryness, irritability and reduced vitality which can be calmed down by applying more moisturisers. Using too much moisturiser can also clog the pores and prevent skin from exfoliating. Moisturisers should only be used occasionally when needed.”

Well after hearing that I had to give it a try! I vowed to go cold turkey and quit moisturizer completely and the first few days were harrrrrrrrrd! I cleansed, I exfoliated, let my face air dry and either applied make up or went to bed.  By day 7 my skin adapted. In fact, I’d wake up in the morning and it would be slightly oily which explained why I had combination skin! The natural moisture was coming to surface and doing its work.I can honestly say I have been turned. My skin is in such better condition. It’s clearer, cleaner and less clogged up and I’m learning how to control my naturally oily skin.
The only thing I use now is the ZO Skin Health  OSSENTIAL DAILY POWER DEFENSE and Heliocare SPF 50The ZO power defense product is a light based serum that delivers daily DNA repair and antioxidant protection. It boosts collagen production, restores skin function and elasticity and improves the tone and texture of the skin. I’ve only been using both products for a couple of weeks and my skin feels smoother and plumper. Highly recommend my new routine and hero product. Using no moisturiser might not be for everyone but I'd honestly give it a try. Even if it's to normalise your skin and see it in its natural state.

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