Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Wants, Haves and Needs!

December 04, 2013

I'm a huge fan of wish lists and gift guides especially at Christmas, if only to give Santa a little helping hand. 
Let's face it, he's probably getting on a bit now, maybe a bit out of touch with what people actually want and so busy that he needs to be pointed in the right direction. I've put together a list based on things I either already have and think would make great presents, or things I actually want or need myself. Hopefully one of these will take your fancy and tick someone off  your list.

1) Phone and Tablet accessories - Bling Boutique 
I absolutely love everything on this site and think these luxurious phone and tablet accessories would make great presents. I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous iPhone5 CD inspired case  with over 150 Swarovski crystals applied on the side. The great thing about these products is that the crystals are all applied by hand which is obvious as my phone cover is crafted so well. It also came with a touch phone pen meaning you can still Tweet and Facebook on the go even when forced to wear gloves in this hideous cold. I would totally recommend this as a gift.

2) Get Personal - Claire Bella Jute Bags 

 When ClaireaBella contacted me about having my own personally made bag, I jumped at the chance!
I have to say that I have not stopped using this since I got it and cannot tell you how many comments I've had carrying it. It's one of the cutest bags ever and I think my mini me bares a good likeness!
It's so easy to do because you create your own tailored version online to look like you, (or in this case the person you're gifting) by picking out hair style, eye colour, skin tone and outfit. Each bag is hand painted by a fully trained artist so is a really bespoke present choice. 
This is going to be used for my holidays as hand luggage and a beach bag, though I've been mainly using it as an over night bag because it's such a great size. If you are thinking of getting someone this as a gift, hurry up because it can take up to two weeks for the artist to make it for you. Love this!

3)  Needed: Canon IXUS 135 Advanced WiFi Digital Camera
Absolutely gutted to report that I have broken my trusted Canon camera and smashed up my screen :-(. If anyone knows me well, they know that I'm a camera girl; everywhere I go,whatever I'm doing or wherever I'm going, my camera is with me. I have been a loyal Canon fan for years and just want to replace my broken one. The great thing about this camera is that it has wifi which is just amazing as it means I can email photos directly instead of having to faff around with downloading. I know I've mentioned wanting a DSLR camera in my 'Birthday wish list' post  but that is obviously a huge investment and not a camera you can take anywhere. This is a present on my wishlist that I might just have to buy myself (from me to me) if Santa forgets me. Need!

 4) iPad 3 keyboard -  The Snugg

don't regret buying my iPad but sometimes I want to do more than just watch movies, play games and shop, and at times I actually really need it for work. This Snugg keyboard would be an absolute life savior and solve my constant dilemma of needing to take my laptop on trips. When it comes to amending documents, writing up notes and blogging especially, the iPad on it's own is a pain! Having this slim keyboard case would be the most amazing present... ever! And at £40 its a total bargain. Yet again ... need!

5) Spa day Gift Vouchers - The Sanctuary

Experiential presents are becoming more and more popular rather than settling for expensive perfume or jewellery the other person probably won't even like or appreciate. There's nothing better than getting a surprise and a Spa voucher as a present is ideal anytime of time of the year let alone Christmas. I was recently at The Sanctuary for a work event and it seems like a great place to spend the afternoon to relax and unwind. The Christmas stress and post Christmas blues always hit us hard in January so having a Spa day voucher where you get to have a massage, sauna, pampering manicure and pedicure would be a dream present.

 6) Portable Charger: Backup Battery Case For iPhone 5
Don't you just hate it when your phone runs out of battery? As much as we are all slaves to Apple and can't live without our iPhones, the battery life is truly a joke! These external back-up chargers are the most amazing things you could ask for ( I have one myself and already bought another as a present)  Practical it may be but boy does it get you out of difficult situations. I travel quite a bit with work and I'm constantly on the move and on my phone, so tend run out of juice very quickly! These back up cases are great because you can charge them the same time as your phone, stick them in your bag and use in emergencies. Once they are fully charged, they can just stay in your bag till you need them and I can't tell you the amount of times I have been saved by these. Definitely a great Christmas present, available in lots of different colours and at £16, a bargain! For all the iPhone 4 owners, you can buy back up cases for your phones as well here! (as if I would forget)

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