New Year, new 'what I wore' highlights (2013)

January 01, 2014

Black Fashion Blogger

Happy New Year to you all. Sorry about being MIA (again), I'm away for Christmas and this is the first time I am opening up my laptop since I got here. 2013 has gone by so quickly I can't believe another year has passed and it's my second Christmas blogging. 
I just wanted to do a quick year review of my favourite outfits of 2013, there have actually been quite a few.
We had a reasonably good Spring and summer last year so a lot of my favourite looks incorporated layering up, wearing my trusted sunglasses,(notice there was a lot more sun than you realised), lots of tights and picking up staple pieces I could wear through seasons (like my double-breasted boyfriend blazer from Zara which I love)
After having a major clear out a couple of months ago, it's made me really conscious about buying clothes I don't need or buy the same of. One of my New Year 's resolutions is to make sure I only make purchases that add something to my wardrobe instead of just duplicating things I end up not wearing.
I don't think my style has changed or evolved much in the last year, I still try and experiment every now and then as well as add more colour but nothing out of the box. 
2014 is all about investment pieces and must-haves, as I mentioned before if I don't need it I don't buy it! Lets see how long this resolution lasts......Happy new year xx 

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