My Top Ten Holiday essentials ( like can't live without them!)

June 10, 2012

Hey hey hey. I have just been on holiday to the beautiful Caribbean island  Grenada and had the most amazing relaxing time. Most of my days were spent on the beach, by the pool or just chilling at home and it was so nice just to have some down time. This was very much a making the most of the day type holiday so I found that my essentials were mainly for the daytime.  Every single one of my top ten items were used everyday and were definitely my must have's! Thought I'd blog about them as you  might find this useful when packing for your hols.  A lot of the different outfits I put together were derived from my top ten which could also come in handy when trying to pack light! Happy summer holidays :-)

1. Vaseline 
Oh my god so useful for dry lips as well as natural eyelash and eyebrow enhancer if you don't want to wear make up in the day
2. Camera 
 I love my Canon camera. I'm very much for capturing the moment especially when you're on holiday so you can look at pictures 5/10 years down the line to bring back great memories. As I am a bit of  a digi nerd, I was also using my phone to Instagram as well as my SLR so I could take some nice landscape shots. Canon is by far best camera brand for me
3. Havaianas flip flops 
The most comfortable, soft, beach friendly flip flops ever. Lived in them, love them!
Obvious essential. I don't think I was ever without my sunglasses throughout the holiday. I invested in a pair of Dior glossy's 6 years ago and they are still going strong! Love em 
5. Denim shorts 
Absolute must have on holiday. You can wear them in the day over your bikini or dress them up at night with a cute top and high heels. Created so many different looks with my denim shorts and lived in them
6. Beach bag 
 Used it everyday. It carried my life on holiday. So so useful
7. Beach wear
As I spent most of my time on the beach I was so glad I took an array of beachwear. I love things like kaftans and jumpsuits because even though you're in beachwear, it's a little bit more glam and you can also wear it to lunch or early evening drinks if you really can't be bothered to change. I think buying these are an investment because they look really chic and classy. My favourite has to be my green kaftan/dress I bought in Ibiza 6/7 years ago! Love it
8. Array of hats and scarves 
So I decided to get braids for this holiday thinking they'd be a bit more manageable than my weave- boy was I wrong! My braids got tangled and covered in sand and the more I washed them the worse they got! Thank God I had hats and scarves to see me through the holiday because I was having a major bad hair week.  Hats and scarves are definitely a must have for the beach because they protect you from the sun and the sea as well as look great. Don't know what I would have done without my collection.
9. Array of bikinis and swimsuits
Some people may think 5 bikinis for a week holiday might be too much but I like having a selection and seeing as you spend most of your day in swimwear why not have a array of choices. I love collecting bikinis and I always like to buy a new one each time I go away.
10 Skin Care
Must Must Must Have! Your skin goes through A LOT when you're on holiday; hot sun, sand, dehydration, salty sea and change of environment. My skin care products were so essential for me to make sure my skin was properly protected, exfoliated and moisturised. My must have products would have to be my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser with SPF 20, Dermalogica skin prep scrubElemis lavender toner , Elemis eye serumDermalogica intensive moisture balance and Dermalogica multi-vitamin recovery mask . Without these don't know what I would have done!

My Holiday style

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