Dermalogica I love Thee!!!

June 21, 2012

For years and years I never bothered with my skin. I was what you would call a soap and water kinda gal and my skincare treat would never stretch further than Nivea visage on sale. I was the girl who would come home from a night out, pass out, and not even bother with a baby wipe to take my make-up off! I guess the main reason is that I never really had issues in the early years; no spots, no break outs, and no blemishes, so I never considered there would come a day where I would have to start investing and looking after my skin...until I had a major breakout! I'd had a couple of episodes when I lived in America a few years ago but just put it down to the change of climate and environment, maybe even diet. It wasn't till about 6 months ago when I got my worst breakout ever, that I really got a wake up call! I was totally covered in spots all over my forehead, chin and jaw and could not for the life of me get rid of it (well what I mean is no Superdrug/local chemist stuff worked) It was actually a friend of mine who introduced me to Dermalogica  because I noticed a range products all over her house and realised how amazing her skin looked! I was always a bit dubious about high end skin products because I never trusted that they worked, especially with black skin but after seeing my friend, I thought why not give it a try. I tell you was the best decision I ever made! 
                                                                My lovely products
Dermalogica, without wanting to sound a little over-dramatic has changed my life.These products have completely changed the way I look after my skin, and the difference it has made is astonishing. First of all, the breakout cleared within a couple of weeks and now, my skin is probably in the best condition it's been for years. I'm no expert on skincare or what's hot in the market, but if I was to advice anyone who wants to start somewhere, I'd say Dermalogica all the way! Yes there are a lot of products to choose from, and you do have to tailor the ones right for your skin, but once you've got the right combination, you'll never look back! They are an investment and you do have to spend money at first, but it's totally worth it. I started out by buying  2 or 3 essentials, and now I top up every month or every other month with something new.The thing with these products is that they last so you do get value for your money! I am so impressed with what it's done I just had to blog about it. I've included a review of my favourite products and how they've worked for me. If you want to give it a try and have any questions, i'll tell you from my experience :-)
Dermalogica clearing skin wash
Top product, 5 out of 5 amazing! If you have breakouts or are prone to breakouts, this face wash will do its best to keep them at bay! I use it twice a day, morning and night, and totally convinced that it's what cleared my spots. I have bought one bottle and now in month 2 of using it because you have to use so little. AMAZING!
Dermalogica multi-active toner
I never understood or saw the point of toners before I used this one but I like it because it's such a light, refreshing and hydrating spray.  I usually use it just after I've cleansed and before I use a moisturiser. It's also really good for spraying over your make up to give you a nice glowing finishing look. 
Dermalogica Intesive moisture balance
I have extremely dry skin so this is a really good moisturiser for me. It soaks so nicely into my skin and is very hydrating. Don't think this is for you if you have oily skin but definitely for dry or combination
Dermalogica multivitamin recovery masque
This is perfect to do once a week, say maybe a Sunday night after a heavy weekend and you're skin needs TLC. They say leave it on for 15-20 mins but a lady on the counter actually gave me a tip to leave it on overnight to really get a good result. I find this masque really soothing and hydrating and feel it's putting back the properties in my skin I lost on the Saturday night after doing one Mojito too many.

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