Clubbing in Converse - Never thought I'd see the day!

May 15, 2012

 I never thought I'd see the day where I would wear a pair of trainers to a club but this weekend I did just that!  I went to the South Port Weekender festival which is three days of listening to amazing music and having good old dance.Now I'm a girl who likes her heels; whether I'm dancing in Ibiza, LA, Vegas or London my four inch heels are on every step of the way making my legs look longer and trimmer. My friends are always in disbelief when I refuse to wear flats out, even if my feet have been through hell and back. But low and behold I did it!.... A pair of converse to a night club i wore and I tell you what, I've never danced so much and so freely for a long time! Heels are great but I never realized how restrictive they are because I am always in them. I know this can't be something I can always do and get away with but I really enjoyed it! ( my friends reading this will be laughing at me) I mean don't get me wrong I will always be a heels girl but it's nice to know that now that I have, the converse can come out to play as well! I had a total 4 looks during my weekend of partying so I thought I'd share. Which one are you liking the most??? x

Shorts with converse Trainers

All Stars Converse Trainers

Beautiful Black Woman

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