Would I pay £2000 for a pair of shoes??? Would I heck!!

May 07, 2012

I have had my eye on a pair of Louboutins for a while so when I was in London this weekend I popped into Selfridges to try them on and have a little browse when I came across these Fifi Strass and spikes! Now as much as I love a nice pair of shoes, I nearly choked when I looked at the price tag to find they were well over £2000!!! Are you serious? Is that right? Even if you had more money than sense would you really pay that much for these shoes??? Really? Why? I'm sorry but they look kind of tacky to me not to mention majorly uncomfortable! Whenever I do decide buy an invest piece, I always consider if it's worth it. Will I get good wear out of it? Is it timeless? Is it versatile enough for my ever changing wardrobe? Will it last me years? What is the cost per wear? And to all these questions I say these shoes do not meet the criteria!  I don't get the attraction and certainly not to the price tag. 2k to look tacky... eeeek! Btw I am a huge Louboutin fan and a lot of their shoes are amazing! These ones are just not ma thang!

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