Can a girl have too many of course not!

April 11, 2012

You know how everyone has one staple comfort item they love, wear all the time and buy in different colours?Yeah well mine has to be the blazer! I am the ultimate serial blazer buyer and can never seem to have enough. My new purchase is this classic double breasted navy blue sailor inspired number and I love it. I know this style is everywhere and you all probably have a version of it but on this occasion, I don't care! I got this jersey blazer from H&M and because it's short and fitted, it's really flattering for my shape. I think this style of blazer is the most popular because they are so versatile and can literally be worn all year round. I have already worn it three  times in the last couple of weeks and built completely different outfits around it. The jersey material also makes it so snug and comfortable so it means I can easily wear it all day long!! Love my new blazer and seriously thinking about getting it in fuchsia for the summer. You like?

Leather pants, blazer and shirt with H&M blazer
M&S Shoes
Dress from H&M  and New Look pumps
Black skinny Jeans from J brand and New Look pumps

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