I heart Kurt Geiger ankle boots ...

November 06, 2011

Ok so maybe I do have a bit of a shoe problem but  I just couldn't resist these KG ankle boots! I  know shoe boot season is here and i just wanted a pair that were a bit quirky and different. These edgy, urban style  boots are a great addition to my wardrobe as I can wear them with jeans, shorts, a cute dress and even leggings. The thick grip sole and elasticated straps make these boots a bit unusual and i like the fact that they can funk up any outfit. I have worn them a couple of times already and i love them.  What I love about them the most is that I got them on sale! For all shoe addicts out there you have to check out shoeaholics!  It's the sister outlet to Kurt Geiger that sells their discounted shoes and it's amazing! You can get such good deals on this site  and I got my boots for a bargain price!! They're not exactly the most comfortable of boots but I'm convinced i'll wear them in!  I have to!

Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots
image from [Shoeaholics]

Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots

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