Primarche.............. J'taime!

October 27, 2011

What would a girl do without Primark in her life eh? When you're broke, bad, down and needing a little pick me up there's nothing as nice as popping down to Primark and making a little guilt free purchase. Whether its a pair of funky tights, some earrings, some silly socks or a new top for after work drinks Primark never lets you down.
I am so impressed with the Autumn/Winter collection. I cannot count how many times people ask me "that's gorgeous, where's it from? and I say Primark ". I mean there are moments of rubbish and chavesqueness but as soon as you give it a couple of weeks, it comes back fighting with lovely bits! So what if they shrink in the wash or wont  be in your wardrobe a few months down the line?? You get amazing value and you  wear nice pieces that wont break the bank. I loooooooooooove a bit of Primark/Primarche/Primani.  The tip is to mix and match with good quality accessories to upgrade your look and I tell you, no one will know any different! I've picked out some lovely bits that will have your jaw  dropping saying "Nooooooo that can't be Primark!"  But it is 

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