H&M does Versace............... The Verdict

November 16, 2011

When I heard that H&M was going to bring out a limited exclusive Versace range  I was a bit dubious.Versace  to me is like Marmite; you either love it or hate it and when I used to worked at the London store years ago, I never quite fully engaged with the brand. Being someone who's more into the simple, classic, timeless look, (CHANEL) I often find that a lot of the Versace range screams 'LOOK AT ME!'and is a little tacky and chavy. Although uncertain, I was also  intrigued to see what H&M and Donatella came up with as I've always been fascinated with the previous collaborations (Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Lanvin)I have to say ....most of the collection is actually really good!I love the black and gold theme used throughout the range and really like the fact that the usually bright bold prints have been made in a wearable way! My favorite has to be the studded soft leather dress worth £179.99. Pricey I know but this is a dress that will definitely turn heads and is limited which means everyone won't be wearing. I also really like the baby doll dress that has a  lovely figure fit bodice section and perfect for the Christmas Party season. A couple of misses with the bright pink leggings/chinos and 80's inspired bomber jackets that quite frankly just look like someone has thrown up on them.  All in all though, this collaboration was a good one. xx

           Versace for H&M Silk Skirt £69.99 and Studded Leather biker Jacket £149.99

Studded leather Dress £149.99

                                                                         Sleeveless silk dress  £129.99

  Baby doll dress £79.99
ALL IMAGES FROM [Versace.com]

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