Summer Hair, Don't Care

June 15, 2018

I know. I’m pulling out the stops for yet again for another premium photoshoot which I of course had to share with you guys! Jokes aside, this is a quick post to promote being confident in your own skin. As you know, I shaved off my hair last year because I was tired of letting it control me. Years of misuse and bad treatment totally ruined it. Though it has grown back over the last few months, it's not how my hair used to be. It's weak, uneven, patchy and frankly, in a terrible state. Because of this, I've decided keep it shaved off, mixing it up my selection of wigs (mood, outfit or weather depending). I wear my hair both ways but it has taken me a while to be comfortable with this look. Finally, I am.  I’ve accepted my natural hair in its natural state and even though I love to wear wigs, I’ve equally embraced my true self which I believe, is what you can see in these photos. It’s been a process but I am finally at a place where all versions of me is just fine. Additionally, having a shaved head comes in very handy in the summer when you feel light, sweat free and the sun hits you right in the back of your neck. ....Lush

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