It's all about the Summer Skater Skirt

June 08, 2018

African Print Skater Style Skirt
When I sketched a bunch of African inspired designs a while back, I never dreamed I would get them made, let alone reap the rewards of wearing them all! I love that they are one off creations made to measure, and a perfect representation of my personal style. My favourite pieces (that seem to be getting worn over and over again) are my skater skirt, peplum top and maxi dress. Every time I wear them, I get an abundance of comments, compliments and queries asking where I bought them. I must’s pretty awesome knowing that no one can buy them anywhere and that they my very own limited edition, but I would love to create a clothing line inspired by West African prints and modern-day fashion. Would you buy it?

African Print Skater Style Skirt

My Favourite Pieces

Peplum corset top

Yellow Maxi Dress
African Print Orange Skater Skirt
My sketches a couple of years ago
African Fashion

African Design Sketches

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