It's all about the Double Breasted Coat!

December 01, 2017

Double Breasted Coat
You don't need to tell me. I know my face looks like I'm about to bitch slap whoever dares to approach me. In my defence, I was over the weather that day and yes .. I am also the owner of the occasional resting bitch face. But what the hell, my new coat looked good!  In fact, one of the only few things I like about Winter is when I'm due a new coat.  Though my aviator faux fur has saved me this season, I needed a smarter, longer coat. Enter my beautiful new military style Helene Berman number, which I found on ASOS  .  This double breasted military style number didn't look as striking on the website, but I much prefer to go 'understated' when it comes to winter coats. I want them to last so tend to choose a classic cut and neutral color. . The structure is flattering and versatile and  wool fabric makes it extremely comfortable. Add a handful of gold buttons and I'm sold! Another wardrobe favourite for the next few months.
Double breasted winter coat
Helene Berman Wool Blend Military Double Breasted ASOS
double breasted winter coat

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