#OOTY: 2015 Outfit Du Jour

January 04, 2016

Black Fashion Blogger

Happy New Year all! Hope 2016 is getting off to a good start. Thought I'd do a quick round-up of my top 2015 looks. For Winter, I've definitely mastered the art of layering. Getting more use out of favorite spring/summer pieces was all about the leather jacket, warm scarf and of course trusted blazers. Looking back at my style goals from last year, I was much better at playing with bright colours and bold prints in the Summer especially with beachwear. I also made a brave move playing mass at the Noting Hill carnival which I worked really hard to get into shape for as the costume in question was missing a lot of fabric! I also finally managed to hunt down the tuxedo jumpsuit I've been after for so long even though it was a very snug fit. 

Black Fashion Blogger

 All in all, it's been playful year of experimenting with new looks while sticking to a personal style I'm finally happy and confident with. 2016 is again going to be aimed at making the most out of the wardrobe I have and spending less on the unnecessary. I'm finding that I get more comments when I wear old favourites,  and  that a new dress or new shoes aren't always the solution for a 'new outfit'. Re-styling, accessorizing, make-up and changing a hairstyle can make all the difference with a wardrobe full of clothes that need to be worn more! Here's to another year of more outfits and new memories.

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