What to wear in Ibiza - Day time chic

August 28, 2015

After not doing Ibiza for four years, I realised that I'm much more of a daytime girl now than I was over a decade ago. My first few Ibiza mornings (and afternoons) were spent in bed nursing a hangover after an 8am finish. This was unless I could muster the strength to drag myself to the beach to get some shut eye.
Nowadays it’s all about daytime so when I pack for Ibiza, my day wardrobe has certainly had a facelift over the years. My must-have daytime wear has to be the beach cover-up. I generally have one for each day as they have become more of a full on outfit for me. Ibiza is known for day-to-night parties and I normally can’t be bothered to change for them so these beauties really hooked me up.

EBay is becoming my go-to place for quick, easy and inexpensive fashion pieces that are a bit different to what’s already on the high street. I'm also finding that a lot of fashion retailers mark up their prices to double of what some pieces are worth by branding them. I'm all for investing in clothes that will last but when it comes to fast fashion, do your homework and shop around because the fabric, quality and tailoring doesn't suddenly improve when something goes from £12 to £25. It’s more about what label you're buying into.  Here are all my daytime pieces over my four day stay: 
1) Mini printed Playsuit (EBay): I have about eight play suits already but can't seem to help myself! They are my default all in one piece as they’re flattering for my shape and easy to throw on.  I love the crochet stitching detail on the neck line and shorts, as well the pink and white Aztec print. 
  2) Boho sundress (EBay): I Love this sundress! The sleeves and length keep it classy while the thigh high slits give my legs a little helping hand to look .. well longer. I also love the floral print on the blue chiffon fabric and  matching belt to synch in my waist. At £8, it was definitely worth it though it looks way more than that
3)  Anastasia beach dress: I bought this dress in Mykonos two years ago and it was definitely worth it. It cost a little more than I would normally pay for a beach cover up but I knew it would get a lot of wear.  I usually save this one for boat parties or when I know the night party (e.g. Blue Marlin on a Sunday) is going to be my main event for the evening
4)  Floral printed play suit (EBay): This playsuit was great for browsing round Ibiza town and mooching around as it’s made from a cosy soft, breathable fabric. I seemed to have gone for a big floral theme here but if you can't do it in the summer on holiday when can you. 

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