Holiday packing: Beauty essentials

July 19, 2015

Eve Lom Cleanser (50ml)| Bruzz nail brush| Dermalogica intensive moisture mask (sample size) | Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre| PH Advantage anti-aging cream| Nars Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser SPF 30| Proactiv solution daily oil control| Pure Potions Intensive Moisturising Ointment| Vaseline lip therapy (cocoa Butter)

When it comes to holiday packing, knowing what  beauty essentials to take can be an indecisive long process. There were times I wished I could take the kitchen sink with me, especially when you include things like perfume and bathing products. On top of that, the under 100ml makes it even more difficult to take everything you need so my secret is finding  multi- tasking products that do more than one job.  My beauty needs when I travel are all about exfoliating, hydrating, sun protection and ensuring my skin doesn't get clogged up or spotty. 

A bit of sun is fine but can also do more damage than good to your skin if the relevant products aren't used. For me sun protection is a must regardless of skin colour. There is an assumption that you don't need sun protection when you have darker skin and though fairer skin is more prone to sunburn, it doesn't mean dark skin won't get burnt. I swear by my NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser as it has 30 SPF protection while giving me a natural glow. I hate wearing makeup in the daytime on holiday, especially on the beach so the tinted moisturiser works as a great in between product. To exfoliate, I've been using the PH advantage anti-aging cream which has glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. This cream really does the trick but it's so important to wear it with  a SPF product to protect your skin. 

In terms of make-up remover, I still swear by my Eve Lom cleanser and the 30ml size means I can take it to travel. It's so easy to remove all the layers of make up, sand and dirt so is perfect for holiday. Embryolisse lait creme is an amazing multi-task product as I use it to prime my skin, moisturise and soothe any sunburn  or dry skin. It's the perfect travel companion because it has so many uses. 
The only trouble I get with summer skin is that it tends to get greasier in the heat.  Proactive's Daily Oil control is great product to prep your skin before applying make-up, as it keeps everything matte and stops grease building in prone areas which in my case is my forehead. Another beauty trick is taking sample face masks like the Dermalogica intensive moisture mask which is really useful for just before you get on the flight home to hydrate your skin after all the travelling.

Vaseline is a no brainer for my lips and eyebrows but I've also discovered Pure Potions intensive moisturising ointment which is good for extremely dry areas like my elbows and knees. 

My final new find is a quirky new nail brush called Bruzz which is perfect for getting all the sand out of your nails as well as make-up dirt. The way it's designed means you can clean the top, underside and tip of your nails in one action and the removable bristles make it easy to clean after use. I love it! What are you beauty holiday must-have's?

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