OOTD 2014: My favourite looks of the year

January 01, 2015

ootd 2014
Happy New Year and hope you’re having a good 2015 so far. As always, this is a great time to reflect on the last year and I wanted to share my favourite outfits of 2014. In a similar post I did this time last year,one of my resolutions was to make a conscious effort not to buy new clothes unless they served a real or unique purpose. Though I have made a few new purchases, I think I have got a lot better at shopping unnecessarily, and ask myself questions like do I need this? Have I got something similar or is it worth it before buying anything.  2014 was a year of rounded seasons as well as a good summer, so I definitely added more colour to my wardrobe. I also pulled out old clothes that were forgotten, and reinvented them to fit my evolved style (like my floral Lipsy dress I’d bought for a wedding 8 years ago which I then wore at a summer festival this year with converse trainers). It was also a good year for vintage finds, (like my 80’s power jacket) hats, and new hairstyles
Changing my hair helped me rework my style and see things in a new light, especially when I went for a more auburn colour. Hats saved my life during bad hair days but also quirked up my outfits through the seasons.  
One of my other resolutions was to invest in statement must-haves but aside from my lovely Jimmy Choos, I didn't really see or find anything I wanted to buy. Looking at my wardrobe now, it will be something I want to do this year as I’m starting to see the value of buying good quality pieces that have longevity. This is not to say getting  a bargain means the clothes will fall apart (like a Zara shirt I bought in the sale 10 years ago for £6 that’s still immaculate), but that it’s worth paying a bit more for items you wear a lot.  As for my 2015 style, I want to learn more about fabrics and silhouettes that work best for my shape, and continue playing with bright colours and bold prints.I also want to be more groomed and put together as I definitely let that slack towards the end of the year. Looking good and feeling confident gives you the right presence and energy and as 2015 is going to be my year, I need to dress the part! Have a good one xxx

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