New Year New Shoes : Walking a mile in Manolos

January 13, 2015

 Manolo Blahnik patent BB pumps

For a long time, lusting for the perfect pair of patent leather pumps was an on-going battle. I shopped, I browsed and I tried on tons of styles but just couldn't find the right fit until ... the Manolo Blahnik patent BB pumps. Though they have been on my list for a while, I finally decided to buy them recently as they are perfect for winter. I know trends over the last few seasons have been platform shoes and super chunky heels but the stiletto will always be a staple for me and this is why I decided to make an investment purchase. I like wearing slim or stiletto heels because they make my legs look slimmer, me look taller and above all feel feminine. Chunky platforms are great but don't do the best for my body shape or silhouette (not to mention my size 7 feet). 
 Manolo Blahnik pumps

 Manolo Blahnik London

 Manolo Blahnik black patent

The flattering pointed toe and elegant 4 inch heel means I can wear them with a variety of things including an evening dress, pair of jeans, leather pants and even leggings. They are never going to be the most comfortable things to wear but they can certainly get through a few hours at a time or long sit down dinner. I also have to retain their proper shape by using a shoe horn every time I store them away, as well as wrapping them both separately in different shoe bags (this avoids them getting scuffed or scratched in the box). I've only worn them out once so far but know they are going to be used a lot, especially during winter. Love love love my Manolos :-)

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