It's all about the Virgin Pervuvian blow dry!

July 07, 2014

So a few months ago I got my very first virgin Peruvian hair extensions (see my review here). For a lot of reasons, I wasn't pleased with the hair quality or colour so I decided to try a second time with a new hair retailer and a darker colour. Yet again the hairdressers at Clown and Glory salon did a good job, but once I'm out of the salon on the first day, I'm never pleased with how it looks when I do it myself.
I can't tell you the amount of YouTube videos, hair products and gels I'm piling up to get my hair to look the way I want and I know they say practice makes perfect but I was starting to get frustrated. 
I decided I'd attempt getting it professionally washed and blow dried to see if I can learn from a stylist how to get the waves and curls I prefer. Turns out it's a skill I could never re-create but at least I have found a Brighton based hairdresser that can make my hair look good even for a day!

Wash Cut and blow dry done at Forde Hair Salon by hairstylist Robyn 

The lovely Robyn at Forde Hair Salon managed to somehow gain my trust (I'm not used to my hair being done by a non afro-hair stylist) and ensured me she had done extension styling many times. I tried to keep up with all the tricks and  blow drying techniques but I frankly couldn't keep up. What always seems to be missing when I do my hair is the right amount of volume and loose curls. I either end up with uneven flat hair or like I'm auditioning for Annie with  my crazy curly Sue curls. The blow dry is exactly what I'd want my hair to look like on a daily bases and I really like it. 

Unfortunately, this will last for a day. In fact by the time I wake up tomorrow, this look will be completely gone which is why I need to blog about it straight away. If only I could afford a wash and blow dry everyday :-(. I least I know where to go if I want my hair to look good for a special occasion or night out. Good bye luscious hair, I'll miss you 

The day I got my extensions put in 

Hair installed at Crown and Glory hair salon | My hair is Virgin Peruvian body wave, 18, 20, 22 inches and 14 inch lace closure all from eBay Seller Kefesworld  (highly recommended, great quality 5A hair) 

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