It's all about the Jimmy Choos

July 15, 2014

It's fair to say that I've been a woman possessed and  obsessed with a certain pair of Choos for a while. I've ogled at them, blogged about them, tried them on in different colours and pretty much lusted like a crazy woman. Every so often, I make the decision to invest in my luxury lusts after convincing myself they are worth the price tag so a couple of weekends ago I purchased the gorgeous  Jimmy Choo Lottie sandals ... 

The Lottie  
I  have been on the hunt for summer sandals for a while and the first thing that attracted me to the suede electric blue Lottie's were the colour. Though I really loved the champagne glitter versions as well, the bright blue are so versatile that I saw myself getting much more wear out of them be it a pair of jeans, leather trousers or floral dress. I also love the fact that they can be used as the pop of colour for a darker outfit or dress up a pair of jeans. I also think the shape is classic and timeless that they'll end up being worn for the next decade. 

light blue suede Jimmy Choo lottie sandals

The 100mm heel is slim and flattering and though they have yet to be taken out, they feel comfortable ( as comfortable as a pair of heels are going to be ) compared to my other shoes. I also love the luxurious suede  finish though I am concerned about looking after it, especially in the bright blue colour 
blue suede Jimmy Choo Lottie Sandals

The day I made the purchase

I have to say I was really impressed with the service I received on the day. The assistants were reassuring without being too pushy or intimidating and I also love the aftercare plan they informed me about ( re-heeling, cleaning, re-sole the whole works!) I'm sure you'll be seeing these babies in many future posts to come 

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