What's in my (evening) bag?

October 02, 2013

I love the process of getting ready and glammed up for a night out but then it occurred to me that I also put effort into packing my bag for the night, so thought it would be good to do a 'what's in my evening bag' post. 

My trusted evening bag has to be my black Chanel  Caviar clutch, which I have literally had for over 6 years, being one of the best investment purchases I've made. It's not only a great size for the evening, it's so wearable and versatile that it makes ideal for me to take any where be it  dinner, casual drinks or even a formal event.

My essential must haves include items like make-up powder in case my face gets a little shiny, a mini hair brush to keep the locks untangled and smooth, my camera and my phone (obviously) plus an extra spare battery to charge my phone if it runs out! Additionally, it's always handy to have things like double sided tape ( aka tit tape) in case of any wardrobe malfunctions ( buttons popping off or zips breaking), perfume to keep me smelling fresh and a credit card holder so I don't have to take my purse. 

The great thing about using a small bag  is that it stops me from packing crap I don't need. I've listed all the contents of my bag below and realised there are 14 items in one small bag so loving the fact that I can get all my essentials in!What about you? What's in your (evening) bag? 

What's in my evening bag? ( Chanel Caviar clutch bag)  

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