Girl Friday: It's all about the Polka Dot Print

March 01, 2013

Happy Friday! I haven't done a 'girl Friday' post for a long while,  mainly because I have been slack with my work wardrobe of late ( the cold makes me not carreee!) 
I can literally wear anything I want ( yes lucky me) unless I have a client meeting or event so  most of my work wear consists of leggings, jeans, chunky jumpers, tights and my trusted pair of converse. I don't even bother with make-up and have a collection animal inspired hats (for the bad hair days).
 It's safe to say that I'm more of a 'casual/laid back' kinda girl in work world ...except on Fridays.
Fridays are the days I remind my self that I am actually into fashion, stick on some heels, put some slap on and make an effort. Hopefully the 'girl Friday' posts will motivate me even more to glam up at least once a week!

Today I have gone for my newly purchased ASOS polka dot print shirt which I put together with my AA disco pants, shoe boots from.... Primark , favourite H&M necklace and Zara city bag. 
I love the shirts front pleating, cuffed sleeves and fitted hem which meant I didn't need to even tuck it in at the back, avoiding too much gathering.
The polka dot print reminds me of spring and has got me excited about launching my summer wardrobe, holiday clothes and sunshine! What do you think? you like? 

Polka Dot Shirt: ASOS,  Disco Pants: American Apparel, Shoe boots: Primark,  City bag:Zara and necklace H&M 

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