It's all about the Embellished Sweater

December 28, 2012

Happy holidays all, Hope you had a good Christmas?  As per usual I ate way too much!

So one of my favourite things to do over the Christmas break is to hit the Boxing day sales but I have to say that I was very disappointed this year. Most of the retailers say they are in sale when most of them are actually just taking £10-15 off the original price! What's that all about?? I remember when i used to get some really good bargains with 50-70% off the original price but now you' be lucky to get a 30% discount! Still I persevered and I found a lovely piece! 
Miss Selfridge of all places was where I found my bargain. I don't tend to go in there as much these days as a lot of the clothes are a bit too.. er how shall I say this young for my style but every now and then I do find some nice bits.
I was after a couple of new jumpers to top off my wardrobe and wanted ones I could wear out to dinner or an evening out rather than always have to layer up with blazers and cardigans. This black sweater with jewel embellished stones at the front is perfect combination of casual with a splash of glam to brighten up my winter wardrobe. I have enough polo necks and plain v-necks so this one is a really nice addition. The best thing about this is that I got a great bargain on it reduced from £38 to £15! Now that's what I call a sale! Well done Miss Selfridge, love this x

Miss Selfridge Embellished Sweater

Black Miss Selfridge Embellished Sweater

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