Christmas Party Season - What on earth to wear

December 04, 2012

I  don't know about anyone else but the Christmas party season kind of gets me a bit crazy with choosing what to wear to all the festivities; work Christmas party, client lunches,  catching up with friends and meeting up with family. It's been even more difficult for me this year with the new hair as my clothes look completely different on me and I can't seem to figure out what looks right. In the next couple of weeks I have at least five festive engagements to go to and my head is spinning on what on what I wear to each. Ever since I had my hair done, I've been looking at celebs who've at some point gone short as i need some style inspiration. I've put together a few different looks for things I have coming up but I'll have to have a trying on session at home to see if it actually works out in real life! Let me know what you think of all the looks .....

Out with friends - A hint of Rihanna 
Rihanna definitely pushes the boundaries when it comes to her style and though I'm much more conservative than her I do like how she rocks up her look when she has short hair with lots of leather and crazy heels but keeps it feminine with bright  red lips and nails. For me, a cute peplum top with either a lace, or embellished collar paired with some skinny jeans, high shoe boots and a leather jacket might just be the ticket for a night out with the girls for some cocktails and dancing.

Client/business lunch/ dinner - It's all about Victoria Beckham 

If there's anyone who knows how to reinvent themselves with short hair it's Victoria Beckham. When she first had the chop, I really didn't like it but as I saw how her style emerged, she really did know how to wear that pixie short look. Victoria is all about the tailored pencil dress and this look for me is a staple classic wardrobe piece (I have about 5 dresses like this). When going out for a work business lunch or dinner I'd feel a bit uncomfortable wearing anything too dressy, showy or revealing but during Christmas time you still want to glam it up a little bit. A nice fitted pencil dress with a pair of high heels or peep toes would work for a more professional setting though it would be nice to bling it up with some nice jewellery and accessories.

Date Night - The Emma Watson transformation

Yes ok she's the young girl from Harry Potter but my God did I take notice of her when she had her haircut. I think out of all the celebs who've had the chop, Emma Watson is actually the one that looks miles better and much more interesting with short hair.  What I like about her style is that she totally keeps it feminine and girlie with her soft make up and cute dresses. I love this 60's inspired ruffle dress which I would wear with some shoe boots and over-sized blazer and drop earrings. This would be the sort of dress I'd wear on date night going to a nice restaurant in the city and painting the town red!

Work Christmas Party - Halle Berry; The one that started the trend

Before Emma was born or Victoria got the chop, Halle Berry was working the short hair and inspiring women everywhere to do the same. She is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world but another one that looks way better when she has her hair short. Because she's had her hair like this for a while Halle can pretty much make anything look good! For a work Christmas party scenario, I'd either do a cute dress and blazer  or this white tuxedo/leather pants combo. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of leather/pleather trousers as long as the top is more demure and sophisticated so i definitely think the white tuxedo gives it a more dressed up look and feel.

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