The peplum trend... can girls with curves pull it off???

July 16, 2012

When it comes to the peplum trend, I've always been a fan though a apprehensive and unsure whether it was a style that would suit me. I know all the trend reports say that it's flattering but I can't help but think that the ruffle around the waist could make you look wider if you're a hips, ass and curves kinda girl like me.I like the peplum silhouette  because it's feminine and soft, but do think it needs to be worn carefully to suit your body shape. 

I decided to give it a try when Omg fashion got in touch with me to try a few of  their  SS12 pieces. The great thing about affordable fashion is that it allows you to try different styles and trends without having to spend lots of money. I decided to go for the electric blue peplum style dress to add a bit of colour to my mainly black wardrobe. The dress does actually fit nicely though I would have to match it with a cute blazer or jacket for me to feel comfortable wearing it. I think the  plain colour and simple cut makes it work for me as it's not too busy and not attracting attention to the wrong places. For the price, this dress is ideal to try out and see whether you and peplum are going to be friends before investing money on a statement piece. 

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