Game for some sexy heels!

July 18, 2012

When it comes to finding the right heels, I am really picky. I like them to be a certain shape and height, not to mention comfortable and flattering. For some reason, I also seem to be hesitant to go for shoes that aren't black. It's so wrong I know but it's like black is my safety blanket colour. When I saw the Topshop Game heels, I fell in lust. I just love the pointed court shape as it's flattering and can be worn with almost anything from jeans and leggings to a fancy dress. Of course I went to get a pair in black to find they were all sold out... everywhere! I had nearly given up on them until I spotted the snake skin version of them. Though black is my staple colour, I find that snake skin works for me because it's versatile and can go with just about everything. Because I tend to stick simple palettes, these will be perfect to add a bit of flair to my outfits without me feeling I've gone over the top. Not worn them out yet so hoping to God that they  pass the comfort test. x

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