My Bucket List

One of my New Years resolutions (2014) was to write a bucket list.  It's a little late yes but better late than never. There's a little OCD side of me that feels the need to tick things off lists so what better way to not only write one but share it. This way, I have publicly recorded my list which will hopefully motivate me to tick as many off as possible. Here goes mine .............................

  • Trip to New York
  • Loose a stone
  • Run 5 K
  • Trip to Japan
  • Produce a fly-on-the-wall documentary
  • Christmas in the Caribbean (Dec 2013) 
  • Trip to Hawaii
  • Be in the front ( or second, or even third) Row at Fashion Week 
  • Trip to Amalfi Coast (Sept 2017)
  • Trip to Rome ( Sept 2017)
  • Go Skiing (Dec 2013) 
  • Buy my own property
  • Own a dog ( lab)
  • Co-write and sing hit summer anthem
  • Vogue Style editorial Photo shoot!(making me like a supermodel)
  • Meet Oprah
  • Write and produce an album ( for me, no one else has to listen to it)
  • Learn to swim
  • Pass driving test
  • Trip to Thailand (April 2017)
  • Visit Niagara Falls in Canada 
  • Run a theatre production of a musical with school kids in Nigeria/Sierra Leone/India ( or any other developing country) 

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