It's all about the Yellow maxi dress

August 24, 2018

I wish I could travel to Africa every year, just to get my entire summer wardrobe made. I am truly reaping the rewards from the collection I had made last year, which includes this yellow maxi dress.
Creating your own designs gives you the chance to build a collection of key staple pieces so in my mind, the maxi dress would always be on the list. I found this gorgeous fabric at a small market stall in Freetown ( capital of Sierra Leone, where my dad is from), where I haggled my way into buying a few yards of the stuff. I can honestly say that looking at the fabric instantly puts me in a better mood with its bright canary yellow colour and stunning tulip style print. I knew I wanted it synched in at the waist as anything maxi can sometimes swallow me up (due to my shorter legs). I also knew I wanted a flattering v-neck, spaghetti straps and a bare top back.  Backless means I can’t wear a bra with it but because it’s so tailor made to fit me, it works perfectly. You’ll notice me deciding to take most of my photos in front of the yellow door to match my dress which made me realise two things:
·        The inhabitants of that house (if they saw me) must have thought I had lost my marbles
·        An art director I will never be 

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